What if women paid 82% for everything in the U.S. until the gender pay gap was rectified?

I shut down a mailing list at work. I do this occasionally, because I see the appropriateness line in my rearview mirror, especially if I think something needs to be called out. Someone else started a thread with this article about women in San Francisco paying 70% more for car repair. I wish this were more surprising.

Someone else mentioned a woman-owned car repair shop.

I said “Shouldn’t we only have to pay 78%?!”
This was way off-base. It’s actually, according to the 2013 census, 82%. So, my bad. This effectively shut down the (fun, non-business) mailing list; no one’s responded.

So, what if women paid 82%? What if what we paid for goods and services, vehicles, groceries, travel, tuition…everything except tampons…was 82% of what men pay? It’s a fantasy. It will never happen, and the logistics are laughably impractical. But, damn, it would solve that pay gap quickly.